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Initial Evaluation Report

Website Evaluation Report Often important items are missing from websites that we evaluate. If key elements are missing from your website, sales are lost and your website design is not as effective as it should be. We will examine your current website with a detailed Evaluation Report of the design and copy writing. Our report will evaluate how your website is performing on the internet including searches on major engines. We will study the SEO features that your site may already contain and any further SEO your website needs to be more effective.

In our Evaluation Report, we will constructively comment on how your website design/website copy can be improved to be more effective for your business. We will examine the way your website is currently search engine optimized (SEO) and if the code is naturally or organically optimized. We will evaluate the key phrases, keywords, title and description in the code. If your site has been optimized for certain phrases we will check to see the search volume for these phrases, and the content throughout your website copy will be evaluated to determine what improvements can be made. If you provide us with access to your website traffic reports, we can then give you more details & information about your visitors' activities and ideas for improvement to the website copy.

Evaluation Report Benefits:
  • Easy to read & follow customized report
  • Suggestions for website content improvements
  • Overall evaluation of entire site
  • Examination of keywords & other relevant meta tags in the code
  • Keyword phrase optimization
  • Assessment of traffic patterns of your site visitors
  • Identification of missed sales & market opportunities

We will report any corrections and improvements that your website design/copy may need; therefore, adding strength to your website copy and on-line sales!

Website Evaluation Report
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